The Elephant

The Elephant

“That not right, Mommy!  Do it ‘gin!”  After about a dozen tries, I was unable to master the elephant sound. Sure, I had the bird, the monkey, the tiger, the dog and even the cow but my two-year old was not pleased with my rendition of an elephant. In an attempt to better understand the sound this majestic animal makes, I ‘Google’d’ it so both of us could hear. However, this only made matters worse as Titus was able to hear just how awful my attempts were at making “elephant noises.” “No, no!  Do it ‘gin!” Towards the end of my attempts and now throbbing headache, I began screaming thinking that was the closest I would get to sounding like an elephant. Titus was still utterly displeased with my efforts and walked away.

I’m thankful that elephants are not on Old MacDonald’s farm because no matter how hard I try, I’m unable to replicate their sound. And, that’s okay! Do you remember Michael Leslie Winslow who played Larvelle Jones in Police Academy? Actor Michael Leslie Winslow is dubbed “the man with 10,000 noises.”  Winslow is able to replicate countless numbers of voices and sounds using his natural voice; raw talent at its best. And, then there’s me; Atiya Nathan dubbed the “the mom with maybe 5 to 8 noises” which are vaguely recognizable.

Where am I going with this?  I’m not great at making animal noises but I’m pretty decent at other things!  Actually, animal noises will probably never be what I’m known for! Cooking, encouraging, writing, talking (especially talking)… all of those are up my alley. We live in a society that tells us if we try something we must be able to master it but if not, try, try again!  However, that’s just not everyone’s reality and nor should it be. Not to mention when we throw in that green-eyed monster into the equation, Mr. Jealously, things go from bad to worse! Have you ever worked with that person who seems to master everything they put their hands on or that one person who is a super achiever? It’s so easy to look at their lives and wonder why you don’t function at the same level. The truth is we should bloom where we are planted. You will excel at what you’re purposed to excel in and “they” will do the same. Don’t beat yourself up over something that you can’t seem to master or something that you’re not even passionate about in the first place! Now I’m not saying to be a bum and not try new things but what I am saying is that it’s okay if you’re not a natural at something and it’s definitely ok if you never reach mastery levels in a particular skillset.

So, I will give this elephant noise one more try… err-wait a minute, no I’m not and that’s ok! I’m going to stick with the barn yard animals because I have those down pretty well and I will cook Titus the BEST chicken nuggets he has ever tried. Hey, maybe I will try a zebra sound later on. Wait a minute; does anyone know what sound they make?

In the end make the most of where you are and the skillset you have!


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