I’m Dirt’s daughter. Yep, Dirt is my dad. Confused yet? My dad’s nickname is Dirt and people often call him Mr. Dirt. I’m the definition of a “daddy’s girl” and I credit much of who I am today because of my daddy’s wisdom, humor and love.

What else..

I’m a proud wife of a United States sailor. I call my husband by our last name, Nathan, because that’s what you do when your husband is military (I think). We have 2 beautiful kids together and he has a beautiful daughter from a previous marriage.

I’m a school social worker. I’m a graduate of the University of Louisville..yada, yada, yada.

Enough already!!!

I’m a Christian which means I’m aware of my flaws and thankful for Christ’s love for me. I try my best to display His love to others. I love life, I love laughing and I love LIVING!!! I have tons of thoughts everyday and I’m able to find humor in the most ordinary and even boring situations.


I’m Dirt’s daughter.