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It’s Ok to Tip Toe

It’s Ok to Tip Toe

Did I tell you about the time my two-year old son searched high and low for my grandmother’s hat and cane?  Sounds strange, huh?  Yep, he decided he wanted to be a 91-year old woman for the evening.  After relentlessly searching he found one of her hats and her cane and he proudly walked around my parent’s house interchangeably using the cane as a walking stick and as a microphone.

I have come to realize over the past two years that God naturally endows children with a particular skill set; the ability to teach life lessons in even the oddest moments.  Day in and day out my two-year old and nine month old both teach me and even remind me of past lessons.  So, I decided to do what any decent mother in 2017 would do with these lessons…BLOG!  I figure I will have at least two committed readers in let’s say 15 years; my kids.  So, by my calculation if I continue writing these entries my kids will have “toilet reading” to last them a lifetime.  (I can’t be the only person who takes a magazine, book or even junk mail in the bathroom).

For the handful of you who have stumbled upon this, I’m a 35 year old military wife and mother of two.  I spend my days as a school social worker in Virginia and my evenings as the mother of Titus (my two-year old son) and Addison (my 9 month old daughter).  There is nothing spectacular about my life other than I enjoy living it and learning along the way, which reminds me…my 91-year old son, I mean 2-year old…  I forgot to finish my thought (blame that on sleep deprivation)…

Well, as I watched my son search for the hat and cane, I thought about the many times I have given up on ideas or even given up on staying in touch with people for no real reason other than the effort it took to do so.  My son, however, looked in every location in the house until he found what he was looking for; he even stood on his tippy toes to reach the hat.  My prayer for 2017 is that I, too, will relentlessly pursue and achieve my goals.  I pray that when things get tough I don’t abandon ship, instead “tippy toe” my way until I reach the goal.  This is my prayer for you too!  May God reveal your next goal to you and give you the wisdom to know that it may require some work and dedication to achieve.

Stay in prayer and stay on your “tippy toes!”